SHELL ROM Updates.

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SHELL ROM Updates.

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Developer : Shesnon Ribeiro
Current ROM Build :V5 V4 V3 V2
Current TWRP Recovery : Dec
Bugs In builds :
-Not Tested

- Not Tested

- Not Tested

- Not Tested

Install Guide :
Use same method as Geeko Or Big Rom Used use the file from above link.

Change log :

Features :
-Compatible With TWRP
-native root
-Zenmotion functional and comes standard
-Custom kernel with downclock overclocked 400MHz and 2GHz included (BORETS24)
-Boot animation new
-More light over the original stock
-battery life Increased (average of 4hrs)
-increasedVolume of 15 to 30
-Icons modified (status bar)
-Clock centralized
-New settings panel
-Modifications in build.prop and new tweaks to performance and battery
-MusicFX replaced by ASUS DOLBY
-Patch performance and battery included (L Speed Tweak Mod)
-Active multi user mode
-New wallpaper
-kernel Adiutor included

Mod At Windroidica
FB :