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Developer : Quanganh
Current RR Build : 7.3 7.2.2 By minhtri109 7.2.2 7.2 7.1  7 By TechnoTailsPlay 7.2 Ultra By TechnoTailsPlay
Current TWRP Recovery : Dec
Bugs In builds :

- Laggy
- Screen Freeze.
- Auto Restarts
- NO FM and NO GPS (A- GPS works)

7.2.2 By minhtri109
-Not Tested

-Not Tested

7.2 By TechnoTailsPlay
- Not Tested

7.2 (Under Testing)
- Ambient Display doesn't work.

- Second Sim Network Had to be manually chosen.
- Lag in game Like Asphalt 8.
- Screen Freeze.
- Auto Restarts.

7 By ZenFone.Brazil
- Not Tested

Change Log For 7.2.2 to 7.2.2 By minhtri109
-Delete App redundant and duplicate app
-More storage space, small size 546mb rom
-Fix Gps for higher quality.
-Fix lags
Integrated some CyanogenOS latest app: Next Dialer, AudioFX, ThemeStore, BoxerCM, AmbientCore and more ...
-Add App and module: XlnternalSD, Asus Camera, library Asus, Sony Music, Video Sony, Root Explorer, Screencast, ViPER4Android, AdAway, youtube
-Update Some app from CM13: calculator, calendar, browser, camera, file manager
-Improved Battery and performance
-Improved Wifi and 3G
-Increase Speakerphone audio
-Improved Performance 2D / 3D
-Improved Camera, photos and video.
-Add L SPEED, init.d system optimization.
-Update SuperSU Pro

Change Log For 7.2.2 to 7.3
-Using blobs files from WW V3.24.40.87
-Using newer rom sources

Change Log For 7 to 7.1 (Change log for 7.2 unavailable)
-Fixed problem with audio in calls
- Fix BT issues
- Fix deepleep
- Set new values for brightness
- Use BFQio instead for CFQ
- New TWRP to compatible with OpenGApps, so far instead for present Gapps which seems too large now

Change Log Form 7 TechnoTailsPlay To 7.2 Ultra
-Optimized tweaks
-Added L_Speed mod (tipe SU and after LS on the terminal emulator)
-Added ABS mod (tipe SU and after ABS on the terminal emulator)
-Camera improved
-Added new sounds in the interface
-New ringtone made by me
-Truecaller removed becouse it causes the call to crash or people can't hear you
-Updated the kernel do build 7.2 kernel (X anwar's kernel have a little deep sleep problem in this version)
-Added the Liquid UI mod
-Added a script that improves performance in 3d games (by me)
-system icons edited
-audio improved
-Codename changed to Ultra instead of RR
-added support for zenfone 6

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