Custom Lollipop kernel for Zenfone 5 & Zenfone 6 (By : BORETS24)

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Custom Lollipop kernel for Zenfone 5 & Zenfone 6 (By : BORETS24)

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Developer :  BORETS24
Current Build : 12.12.2015 10.11.15 

Bugs In builds :
Reboots at long phone calls

Changelog :
Add if.bin into kernel, to attempt fix screen freezing, push also if.bin to system/etc/firmware and reboot phone.

Works in stock Lollipop firmware only like or or

Install Guide :

Step 0:
Bootloader unlock is required for every custom rom.

Step 1:
You should download files for flashing:
ADB v1.0.32: Download from Here
IMG file with kernel Here

You should reboot your phone in the droidboot mode. (turn off you gadget then press Turn off button and volume + button)
Then go to the ADB folder and hold Shift + Right Mouse button and write this command:
fastboot flash boot filename.img

Reboot to Android.

Features :
1) Underclock to 400 Mhz
2)Overclock to 2000 Mhz (for A501CG only) and Overclock to 2400 Mhz (for A500CG only)
3) DT2W support (to activate it, you should install Zenmotion)
4) KVM support (Kernel Virtual machine for Intel)
5) Added support of init.d. scripts
6) Added support of exFAT file system for external sd card.
7) ZRAM is disabled for old versions, on version of December 6 and higher- ENABLED.
8) Added CD emulating feature
9) Added SWAP support(need create swap partition on sdcard)
10) Ofast optimization
11) Frandom Linux kernel generator
12) Add more governors and I/O schedulers
Mod At Windroidica
FB :