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BIG ROM Updates

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Current ROM Build : V10 V8 V7 V5
Current TWRP Recovery : Dec
Bugs In builds :
- Not Tested

- Not Tested

- Not Tested

- Themes Issue

Install Guide Click Here
For V8 Follow Some addition steps after First boot:
2. After that open Super SU app and go to settings do the following
-Enable su during boot
-Disable Tapjacking protection.
-Enable Trust system user

3.After that open Xposed App and enable the modules.(dont reboot)
4.Now open Viper4Android app and install the drivers by selecting Yes
5.Reboot (after this you can enable the Viper4android and configure it as you like).

Change Log For V7 to V8
-Build Based v3.24.40.80
-Integrated kernel BORETS24 [20/12]: Lower pulse to 316MHz, allowing the device as a mouse and keyboard for the PC ... and more.
-Integrated Open GAPP
-Quick setting -Change interface
-Interface Settings: CM12.1
-Viet Of 99% (Support English Language)
-Rom compact drawdown capacity: 556MB
-USB debugging -enable
-Delete Legacy app and the system update Asus
-Add App and module: Gravity Box, Prevent Running, Kernel Auditor, Sony Music, Video Sony, Asus Mobile Manager, Root Explorer, Screencast, ViPER4Android.
-Add 40 font
-Update On SuperSU pro
-Add New wallpapers and ringtones.
-Integrated L SPEED and nearly 300 Tweak optimize performance and battery
-Improved Battery and performance
-Increased Performance 2D / 3D
-Increase Speakerphone
-Increase Quality camera and video
-Increased Performance wifi, 3G and GPS
-Reduced The delay call, increase call quality
Mod At Windroidica
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